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A Different Visit: Activities for Caregivers and <BR>Their Loved Ones with Memory Impairments

This manual was created to help people have a different visit with relatives who have memory problems, such as those related to dementia. We hope that here you can find many activities that are right for you and your family members regardless of where they are in the course of dementia. We understand that every person with dementia is different. What works for one person may not work for another, and what works one day may not work another day. This manual is written specifically to you - all those who love family members dearly, but need some inspiration for how to better engage and interact with them. The manual is entertaining as well as informative.

About the Author
This manual is a result of a grant to the Menorah Park Center for Senior Living from the national Alzheimer's Association. Cameron J. Camp, Ph.D., Director of the Myers Research Institute was the principal investigator of the project. Adena Joltin, M.A., served as project manager. The purpose of the grant was to design activities for family members to use when visiting relatives in long-term care. The activities are based on principles of Montessori-Based Programming®, which was developed at Menorah Park. All of the activities have been reviewed by the Director of Activities at Menorah Park, Pam Nicholson, B.A., M. Div., and by the staff of the Cleveland, Ohio Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, most notably Marty Kelly, LSW.

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